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Touchscreen Content Server (TCS)

Touchscreen displays can be an excellent means of communicating with audiences in high-traffic public venues such as visitor centers. In this product family, we generally work with InfoBoard Systems, a firm who has implemented these displays in visitor centers throughout California.

This is an application where much of the content is the advertising that visitors want and require. They're looking for a place to stay for their trip, things to do to make the most of their stay and, of course, their dining options.

To the right are links to a few actual implementations (require Flash).

The San Diego and Santa Barbara implementations are optimized for 1080p screens (1920 x 1080) but will scale to your screen size.

The third sample, Monterey, originally implemented in 2010, are optimized for 720p screens (1280 x 720) and will also scale to any screen size.