A geological event, such as a strong earthquake, can have a huge impact to a large area, with widespread destruction of property and infrastructure.

NEWSMAPS is our initiative to make maps of active geological features and events in the U.S. available on demand.

NEWSMAPS are free to use, including commercially, under the Creative Commons license: CC BY. The only requirement is that you leave intact the EVGMAP.COM NEWSMAPS brand graphic (this brand graphic will also fulfill the license attribution requirement).

Additionally, you may add your own brand/logo, additional news content and, otherwise, modify the map for your own purposes. Regardless of how you use them, NEWSMAPS are always free of any charges by EVGMAP.COM.


On our Event maps, depending on the situation, we may only show the larger cities in the area presented, even though there is ample room for medium, and even smaller, cities. This affords you the flexibility to incorporate your own labels to focus attention on specific area(s) in your report.

If you wish to match, the font we use almost exclusively for our map labels, including italics is Futura Bold Condensed BT.